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27 January, 2010

An Introduction

 A few months ago my big sister gave me a book titled, "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist," by two men named Geisler and Turek. The work starts out with the assumption that there is proof God exists and that it can be proven that the Christian God is the one that exists. Then it sets out to insult atheists. In the very beginning of the book, it tells the reader that anyone reading the so-called evidence in it and not coming to the same conclusions the authors are presenting are simply biased and could never come to the same conclusion no matter what evidence for God's existence may be presented. It proceeds to misunderstand the same science that creationists always seem to get wrong: physics, anthropology, evolution, thermodynamics, etc.

How very insulting to our intelligence, first of all, but the biggest thing that got my blood boiling was the argument that without God, there is no morality. Now, I've heard this before; atheists choose not to believe in a creator because then they can live whatever life they want and are answerable to no one. In fact, flipping through radio stations last night I came upon the Catholic channel spouting all about how all scientists must make the evidence fit with their evolutionary theory because otherwise they would have to be held accountable to their behavior. Now, I'm no scientist myself, but I doubt the Saturday nights of PhD scientists and researchers are spent participating in strip-club debauchery and devil-may-care shenanigans.

And yet, there is nothing in the book which can account for the fact that countries with higher numbers of atheists often have lower crime rates and war and that there are so few atheists in our prisons. "There must be a higher standard," they insist, because they don't believe that human beings, in all their selfishness and sinfulness, could have come up with a moral code on their own. And therein is their first and foremost erroneous assumption.

In this blog I will present arguments regarding the assumption that humans are nothing but evil without divine guidance. In fact, it is my hope to show that humans can be more moral than the God of the desert that Christians have pulled from a savage age and have chosen to worship. I will show that their so-called, "Law Giver" could not have written even the laws that grant men and women the freedom they enjoy that is protected by modern democratic documents such as the Constitution of the United States. I will also post different moral dilemmas as thought experiments and how I think a person following the Bible might have to answer versus someone who can make a moral decision based on what's best instead of what's written.

I also want to hear from you. Please comment often, but keep it civil. There is no need to insult a theist, they do it themselves often enough. Besides, seeing them turn frothy at the mouth and start trolling in the face of reason and logic is always satisfying, I'll be honest. And always, have a good time.

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