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19 February, 2010

Religulous Justice in the UK

In the UK, ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair's wife, a Roman Catholic Crown Court Judge, is suspending sentences based on the religiosity of offenders. A man fractured someone's jaw because of a dispute while waiting in line at a bank and Mrs. Blair suspended his sentence, stating, "You are a religious man and you know this is not acceptable behaviour." But wouldn't that mean that he just shouldn't have hit the other man in the first place if he knew better? Shouldn't everyone know better and therefore be treated equally under the law?
But this is what happens when politics and justice are looked at through the lens of religion.

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  1. A stupid comment, to say the least. A man's religion has little to do with his understanding of moral standards... just look at how many crimes are committed "in god's name!"

    But really, what is one to expect from a woman who married Tony Blair?