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20 November, 2010

Dembski Fail

I'm not sure how well received Hithchen's arguments were at a Christian school, especially after said school coached the audience beforehand, but reading from A Texan Baptist news journal article, I noticed that Dembski is quoted as saying “Secularism can be just as ideologically driven as religion,” because "Atheism demands evolution."

Another theist missing the point entirely, but I'm sure it went unnoticed among the already-indoctrinated crowd. Atheism, first of all, doesn't demand anything. Not even science demands evolution. If, after review, it was found that all observable evidence didn't support evolution, scientists would be the first people looking for an alternative explanation for the diversity of life. Also, looking at evidence and coming to a conclusion isn't ideologically driven, it's driven by a desire to explain the world around us according to the world we see around us.

Creationists don't understand this and never will, but if they had no church, no Bible and no one telling them that the world was created 6,000 years ago, and they began gathering the evidence around them and looking at it objectively, they'd never come to the conclusion that a magical being made everything. That is the stuff of superstitious, ancient nomadic tribes that had no grasp of science or critical thinking. So-called evidence for Biblical creation always begins with the premise that Biblical creation is true. Creationists will even lie and distort the "evidence" to convince other believers that they have a gold mine of evidence for God. Who, now, is ideologically driven? The group that starts searching, already knowing their conclusion or the group that starts with a question?

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