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04 April, 2012


Via reddit and r/atheism, I've found a number of different twitter atheists to follow. I've browsed YouTube, gotten in comment wars, and even managed to get an unwarranted attack from Rebecca Watson, (which left me not only with a loss of respect for her, but now some very hard questions about feminism within the Atheist movement and how women should treat each other). But this twittering is great! It started with just three or four tweeps and through their retweets, I've found even more awesome people to follow.

The best thing about being in touch with all these different freethinkers is that we don't even have to agree with each other on things and can explore those disagreements with civility and learn from each other. There's liberals and libertarians, provocative and mild atheists, cat people, dog people-all kinds of people. I nearly let my twitter die over a year ago; none of my friends were really using it anymore. I'm glad I found it again!

If you care to, join the conversation. My username is tkmlac.

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