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30 July, 2012


Christians across the nation are in a huff over the recent call by decent, equality-loving people to boycott the chain after the CEO made it clear that his business "built on Christian values" supports bans on allowing gay people to marry each other. They say this call for a boycott is trampling on their freedom to be Christian and the freedom of Chick-fil-A to do business.

First off, calling like-minded individuals not to buy a product is not trampling on anyone's freedom. It's simply taking those dollars to places where those like-minded individuals feel comfortable spending it. These same people complaining about the Chick-fil-A boycott were calling for a boycott of Oreo cookies last month. (Hopefully, they'll really organize and stop using all products from companies that support equality because they'll soon have not much to eat and no internet or computer on which to complain).

Second, who is trampling who's freedom? Chick-fil-A has donated their profits to organizations that have ties to the Uganda bill that made homosexuality a crime punishable by death. The money their patrons spend on waffle fries has a good chance of ending up in the hands of an "ex-gay" rehab center where a person is emotionally abused until he or she denies the sexual orientation they were born with. They have spent more money than I'll probably see in my lifetime on fighting to keep gay people in committed relationships from enjoying the same securities, rights and benefits that hetero couples receive for being in committed relationships.

I've tried to take a nice tone with religious people. I am not a fan of the PZ Meyers or David Silverman approach to dismantling theist arguments with insults, but goddamnit, this is the last straw.

Christians, you are roughly 80% of the population of the US, aren't you? You hide your prejudice behind your superstitious text so you can blame your bigotry on your invisible sky daddy. You take to the streets and to the lobbies in Congress so you can push to have your own personal religious views engrained into our laws, our schools, our public institutions. You claim there is no freedom from religion in the Constitituion, only a freedom for you to shove your brand down everyone's throats. While doing this, you claim you are being oppressed, you are persecuted and you are watching the nation grow further and further away from your imaginary friend.

Guess what? If the latter is true, good. Because as far as us reasonable people can tell, any closer to the superstitious, hateful, bass-akward nonsense you believe is a step in the wrong direction. /rant

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