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18 August, 2012

A Letter

Dear pseudo-feminists at Freethought Blogs,

please tell me the many ways in which I should be afraid of strange men when I'm more likely to be sexually assaulted by someone I know.

Please remind me of the weakness of my sex and my powerlessness so I don't mistakenly go out at night.

I've been far too comfortable lately, only having that chilling fear in the back of my mind when I'm in a dark parking lot, and I even expect some men to have that same irrational fear of the dark, but you've shown me I'm wrong. I should feel that ALL THE TIME.

Same when I'm at home alone and that long-hidden human fear of the dark creeps up and I peek under the bed (even at 28 years old). You've shown me I shouldn't just think I'm being silly, but I should take it as evidence that I am oppressed by a pro-boogie monster culture.

Please, Ophelia, Stephanie, Rebecca, Amy, etc, keep reminding me of these things so I don't forget to be afraid.


A Weak Little Women Who Should Really Be More Afraid.

PS, I'd like to point out ikonografie's post for giving me the idea to write this letter.

1 comment:

  1. "oppressed by a pro-boogie monster culture"
    I love that phrase!

    And I wonder where Ophelia, Rebecca and the others live, because I'm a man who's almost 6 ft tall and weighs 187 pounds and I get nervous going out alone at night because there a lot of muggers in my city. Guess I'm not so privileged after all.