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01 August, 2012

Moron Redditor Calls for More Clarity on an Already Clear HarassmentPolicy

I don't know who user hauntedchippy is, but they are either trolling or completely ignorant. In the exchange between s/he and my reddit account, tkmlac, they continue to express that the policy needs to include details about harassment training the staff and volunteers have gone through (unnecessary) and how they need to be more clear on what constitutes harassment.

Check out the comments for yourself:

This person really thinks that an "includes but not limited to" list of examples isn't effective enough and that the staff could brush off the claims of victims for no good reason.

What this person is really asking for without realizing is a list of every possible situation and every possible response by the staff. Instead of accepting that harassment is so complex that each individual situation requires a unique response, s/he tries to paint the issue with huge brush strokes that assume one approach works for all.

This person is simply trying find something wrong with the policy, grasping at straws and disregarding common sense when backed into a corner. I won't quote it, you can read for yourself. All of their comments were downvoted right away, which was funny. Mine had 3-4 upvotes until about half hour ago, which means s/he either put it on SRS or got some other Downvoted brigade to jump on. This subreddit for atheist women are generally level-headed, so I know it's not them. Anyway. Check it out if you can stomach it.

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