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10 December, 2012


What I'm about to talk about is not atheist related, so skip this post if you'd like.

Matt Inman of the Oatmeal got some serious crap for a comic panel where he described himself "raping" the f5 button over and over again. When he started getting hate mail over it, he defended it.

He took the panel down and apologized, saying that he had made a mistake and that he was no longer defending it, but he really didn't have to. Saying "rape" has become this call to arms for unhappy and unfunny people to attack comedians whether it is warranted or not.

The sad thing about it, is "rape" has more than one definition and one of those definitions doesn't include sexual violence. These hyper-sensitive feminists screaming that Inman has trivialized a horrifying experience are only showing how clueless they are. Also, as someone who has been a victim, I'd like to say that it is insulting that these feminists get so upset over something so trivial. That a fucking comic would be more traumatizing to me than what happened is disgusting.

Keeping jokes clean is not where anyone should be concentrating their efforts against sexual and domestic violence.

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