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04 January, 2013

I Can't Let This One Go.

Taslima Nasreen at (you guessed it) Freethought Blogs has a post up titled, "Are men more or less the same everywhere," which begins with a video of stupid, high-school aged boys joking about a recent rape of a drunk girl. She also mentions the recent protests in India in response to a woman who died after being brutalized for hours on a bus. She concludes the piece with,  And Men, unfortunately, educated or illiterate, rich or poor, young or old, black or white, are more or less the same everywhere!"

She just took the worst actions of a few in order to generalize the entire population of males on the planet. She also tweeted today, "Shut the fuck off. Women do not rape men," completely ignoring any evidence to the contrary.

Her actions are mean, ignorant and despicable and do nothing but help mar the name of feminism, which, with the transphobic radfems and the anti-porn, paranoid gender feminists, doesn't need any help from her.

Of course, this criticism will be written off as just more "anti-feminist slander" because the modus operandi of the FtB crowd is to defend assholes like Taslima (or Greg Laden, or Stephanie Zvan) when they say stupid, ignorant, mean shit by insisting that criticism itself proves they are right. So I'll make this clear: Taslima Nasreen, you are not an asshole because you are a woman or because you are a feminist. I have judged you on the merit of your actions and your writing. You are useless. Please stop writing shit like this before you really ruin the struggle for equality.

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