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24 March, 2013

What Happened to You, Feminism?

For the record, I appreciate everything feminism has done for women: voting and reproduction rights, a fight for equal treatment under the law, the breaking of barriers in the workplace, etc. But nowadays when I see this kind of fluff juxtaposed with things like women protesters being assaulted in Egypt or women barred from driving in Saudi Arabia, I just have to shake my head.

What happened to you, feminism? You used to say a woman had choice, could make her own way in the world. Now you are trying to guilt us for our nutrition choices. And you're doing it with bad science and bad ideas. It's sad and sickening that while the US has more women graduating from college than men you are still stuck on ways to "defeat the patriarchy" which include shaming women for their career and life choices, treating women as fragile beings who can't handle off-color jokes and borderline paranoia about meat.

Just a few things, feminists: stay away from my steak, I took my husband's name because I damn well wanted to, and damnit, I like Seth McFarland. If you can't respect these choices I've made, you aren't really a feminist at all.

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  1. “Agency if you agree with me, but Stockholm syndrome, and brainwashing by the patriarchy if you don’t.” That about right? :-)

    Really a sticky-wicket, I think, trying to differentiate between those interpretations, each having some validity depending on the circumstances. And there are probably other ones as well ...

    But this "intersection" between feminism and atheism/skepticism is, I think, more of a problematic issue than most characterize it as, largely because the roots go rather deeper than most realize ...