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15 November, 2012

Morality by a Show of Hands

Nothing bothers me more than Internet cowardice. User "bella swan" commented on my "I Forgot I Screencapped This" post to tell me she had asked atheists how many of them grew up in a religious household and most of them raised their hands. Her implication is that the claim that morals don't come from religion is wrong because she got a few of her friends to raise their hands.

What she wrote is not even what bothers me. Yes, the idea that a silly little anecdote could discount generations of moral philosophy is absurd and laughable, but I'm more annoyed by the fact that she picked a post that had nothing to do with the question of morality, that is over a month old and that is buried beneath my most recent posts.

This isn't the first person to use an unrelated, buried post to make a theistic argument in the hopes that only I will see it, so from now on I'll be bringing them to light in future blog posts so that my readers will be aware of their game.

I invited bella swan to comment on this post if she wants to talk about morality and address some points I made, but I doubt she'll have the balls to do so. Theists dwell and thrive in the darkness of willful ignorance where they don't have to face dissenting voices.

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  1. I see quite a bit of what you describe too. It is a form of comment spam, but my guess is that most of those who do it are confused about how blogs work. They come across an old post during a Google search and probably do not realize it is old.