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21 November, 2012

The Annual Imagined War on Christmas Cometh.

It begins. As mass consumerism sweeps the land, the religious right must paint atheists as scapegoats in the erosion of our values. The whole "defending the Constitutional rights of non-Christians" thing really gets their panties in a bundle as they try and blur the lines between government and their religion. One mayor has already taken to saying that erecting a giant cross on public land is a "holiday tradition" that "may be construed as religious." A cross is not a religious symbol? Yeah, right. Next they'll be telling me this Jesus guy was real.


  1. oh buddy, "one mayor" said the stupid, but in Santa Monica they ditched religious themed stuffs on public property. I'm agnostic about Jesus being, like, a real person-n-shit, but WoC (war on Christmas) that's toooottttaaaallllyyyyyy real. After all, it's on my blog. Happy Nondenominational holidays, festive driniking and eating stuffs.


  2. Given enough time the cross might not be any more a religious symbol than all the other pagan bits of Christmas. Hears hoping that day will come soon and we can all tell our kids Christ isn't any more real than Santa.

  3. I heard somewhere that talk of the "war on Christmas" from right-wing Christians actually started all the way back in June or July. I wish I could remember the source because I find that quite fascinating.