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08 November, 2012

Davis Area FreeThinkers

I've been awfully busy lately, so I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks. I want to talk about the first meeting of the Davis Area FreeThinkers.

Chris and I sat outside of Mikuni in Davis Commons after having salads at Plutos. We didn't make a sign beforehand, so we propped a Moleskin notebook up and wrote "SacFAN meetup" on it. That was sufficient until we got a few people gathered, at which point it was pretty obvious who we were.

It was a group of about ten or twelve people, including a member of AGASA, the student group at UC Davis.

We talked about what kind of group we wanted. There's a range on what kind of group we can form, from an informal chat where we share ideas for local events to a formal non-profit. We chose the former because SacFAN already acts as a sort of umbrella for atheist and secular events that support non-profits.

I've scheduled the next meetup for the last Monday of this month and changed the time to six to see if that is more accommodating for working people.

Minus the Freethought Day in Sacramento last month, this was the most atheists I have ever seen in one place, IRL. I'm excited! I'll update this blog if we are going to be doing any big events.

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