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27 October, 2012

Roseanne Barr, Presidential Candidate, Transphobic Fuckwit.

Roseanne Barr is on twitter espousing that women need a "safe space" from "men," ie: women's restrooms are too good for trans women to use because feminists are so busy being oppressed that the possible chance they might see a penis is just traumatizing.

Roseanne uses the example of a transgendered woman being kicked out of a women's locker room at a college campus to push her mistrust and hate against the trans community. It's this link here, and while Roseanne and her ilk try to make it out as if this woman was flashing her penis in the faces of these High School girls who were using the facility, that's not what happened at all. Read it for yourself.

In light of this news story, Roseanne has begun a "safe-space" crusade, the typical anti-trans argument that "real" women are more important than transwomen. Here is the first exchange of many transphobic remarks:

Thank you Enda Blog 2.0 for the image

Her obsession with what is between people's legs is what is wrong with this puritanical, sex-hating, binary-gender pushing country.

What does this have to do with atheist morality? Binary gender roles and rules about sex that were born from religious oppression, I could say, but really, I'm posting this because it's my fucking blog and I'm fucking pissed about this. Moving on.

Sex and gender is a complicated issue, but what it comes down to is that some people are born with genitalia that don't match the rest of their body. Some have an expensive and invasive surgery and some don't. Respecting the person's personal identity is paramount to accepting them as a human being. To do otherwise is to reduce them to their sex organs and treat them as sub-human.

Feminists can't stand this idea of acceptance. For some reason, they think that being female is some special privileged you're born with, endowed by some higher order. These magic-vagina disordered rad-fems are as bigoted as the people who thought the same thing about their skin color forty years ago.

So here we have a locker room where a group of girls accidentally sees the remaining "male" bits on a woman and the world freaks out, saying that the girls aren't safe. Roseanne and her twitter friends take the opportunity to bash transgirls as not "real" women and paint a picture of predatory trans people taking away women's rights. Not once do they reverse the role and try to apply this logic to transguys.  Some followers imply that a penis is nothing more than a rape tool, never mind that there is a person behind it.

This is my last straw. I used to be a feminist. I still look up to the many suffragettes and trail-blazers of the past who looked forward to a day when all people were treated equally, but feminism today is more about superiority and magic vaginas than about true equality. I just can't get behind that.


  1. I think it is increasingly clear that the RadFem movement has nothing to do with achieving any form of equality it is merely an anti-penis movement.

    The vagina as religion (queue 'burning bush' jokes).

  2. Please, please don't look to Roseanne's actions and think you're seeing "feminism today!" I am 100% with you on her transmisogynistic bullshit, but what she's spouting is angry second wave feminist rhetoric. The third wave of the feminist movement (the real feminist movement of today) is about recognizing our diversity and moving beyond the essentialist definitions of femininity. I could go on and on, but if you're interested, you can study the dynamics of the current feminist movement for yourself.

    Beyond that, I really just want to say THANK YOU for publishing this. Roseanne's "apology" (a PERFECTLY Presidential backpedal, if you ask me) means nothing to me; she has given completely made-up facts and her words still drip with transphobia.