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03 October, 2012

Don't tweet while hungry and angry

Wanting to show some people the entire fallout from my tweet to Rebecca Watson (Which I thought had happened in February), I began searching PZ's blog for the post he made that helped bring the down vote brigade to my subsequent reddit post that called Watson a bitch (it's often used gender neutrally, but try and tell the feminazis that. I was creamed for being sexist because of it).

I thought I remembered PZ in the comments addressing me as "he" but it was in fact another commenter. It came to light I was remembering wrong about the date of the post and who identified me as a male.

I couldn't find the post and tweeted that he must have deleted it. I was surprised PZ responded to me at all, but he did.

My view of PZ being dishonest isn't out of hand. If you've been paying attention the last year or so, you've seen numerous examples of him quote-mining, cherry-picking and straw-manning people.

I was hungry and getting angrier by the minute. I created what would later be clarified as a conditional accusation. I'm grateful to an unbiased third party for pointing that out to me because I had misidentified my own statement as a mere false dichotomy.

The tweet in question was, "@pzmyers As did I. Which means you deleted it and you’re lying or there’s something wrong with FtB (minus the obvious)."

So I was wrong and apologized. Ophelia Benson, who is apparently the moral last word, didn't accept my apology as authentic enough. I lol'd. Apologies, once given honestly, aren't validated by whether or not they're accepted.

I really do apologize for the mistakes I made, regardless of the objections I have to the methods and actions of PZ, Benson and the like. I made some mistakes here.

Anyway, I was hungry and over emotional throughout the thing and I've been pretty lax on my "trying to be nicer on the Internet" goal. In the last couple of weeks I've used insults and have gotten pretty hot-headed toward some theists and now the FtBers.

Here I am restating my goal to engage in more civil discourse. Feel free to call me on it if I fall back on old habits again! Again, sorry for my mistakes.


  1. Ophelia tried to apologize to me once and I didn't accept it, if it makes ya feel any better. ;)