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10 October, 2012

I Forgot I Screencapped This.

I want to provide here one of the saddest examples of what I call the atheism plus McCarthyist mindset. On the blogs celebrating the petition for the SCA to remove Justin Vacula from his position, I found this comment and had to cap it. Attack-dog level A+:

"We can intimidate people like him..."

This is not honorable behavior. Justin Vacula originally came under fire for merely asking questions regarding the "sexism" controversy that has developed on the internet the last year and for retweeting a twitter account that makes fun of the overreacting group of people who have been behind these witch hunts. The Surly Amy thing came after he was already in their sights and Surly Amy herself put her own address onto the website where Justin found it. Even so, he removed the comment where he linked to it and apologized. Still, he's called a bully and a misogynist.

"There's no room for people like Vacula in our community." He's doing a lot more in the real world than these forum and blog-comment creepers sitting on the internet making themselves into victims of imagined injuries.

This kind of stuff is why the people posting these blogs will never be able to change their position and must keep on stirring the pot. If they changed their position or admitted they were wrong their own followers would turn on them like rabid dogs. That is scary. They've created their own monsters, though, and I don't feel sorry for them for that.


  1. "We can intimidate people like him..."

    This quote proves that Atheism+ and Freethought Blogs are no better than Scientology. They use the exact same tactics to silence their critics. Do you mind if I repost this screencap?

  2. i have always heard atheists talk about how religion isn't necessary for morality, but i just asked how many atheists here were raised religiously, and nearly every one of them said yes.

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    1. So your unscientific, tiny sample of statistically irrelevant people raising their hands is supposed to mean something?

      Crime rates are lower in countries with a larger percentage of non-believers.

      A larger percentage of the prison population identifies as believers than is found in the general population.

      Atheists are more likely to be educated.

      These are facts done with real samples of the population with valid methodology. A head-count of your friends doesn't count.

      I will write a blog post about this subject and you can comment there so that my readers can see it. Coming onto an old blog post that doesn't have anything to do with the subject you present is cowardly because you know my readers are less likely to read it. Comment on the new post and face the arguments against your claim or get off my blog.