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09 October, 2012

Really, Arkansas?

Arkansas legislatuve candidate Charlie Fuqua came under fire for proposing in his book that the death penalty be instated for unruly kids. His argument for this legislation is two-fold, the first being that it's biblically accurate and the second being that it would never have to be used because just the threat would be enough to keep kids in line. He also states that there are no accounts of children being executed by ancient Israelis, despite the law being on the books.

While reading the article, I clicked a link to a HuffPo article about Arkansas representative Jon Hubbard calling slavery a blessing in disguise in his own book. Two crazies in one week! Arkansas, you are the state that gave us Bill Clinton and now you're offering us this? Come on, now. So slavery and killing unruly children are biblically accurate. That just makes you consistent Christians, not good people!

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