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15 October, 2012

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is power. Power in the hands of a fourteen year old girl was too threatening to the Taliban, who attempted to assassinate Malala Yousufzai, who advocated giving education to young girls.

When your biggest threat is a child with an education and you feel the need to make an attempt on her life to silence her, you have lost the battle.

The cravenness of the Taliban is amplified in this case by the courage of this young girl.

Malala landed in the UK today to receive specialized treatment for the gunshot wound to her skull. She was airlifted with help from the UAE and Pakistan has condemned the attack, with thousands taking to the streets to protest against the Taliban's cowardice.

Malala is expected to recover, but hopefully this is a death knell to any support the Taliban finds in conservative Muslims and marks the end of the silence of those too terrified by these cretins to speak out against them.


  1. Not likely. Conservative Muslims fully support this kind of action. The word "conservative" is far more regressive when applied to islamic societies than when applied to christian or secular societies.

    1. Good point. Some of the conservatives are all for segregating women and other things that aren't seen as being as extreme as honor killings and terrorism.