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25 January, 2013

A Coming Out Story

I'd like to share this brave blog post by a mom who recently came out as an atheist. I know how scary it can be and I am inspired by her courage.

As some of you may notice on my Facebook, I often "hide" posts from theist friends, even ones I love and respect a lot. (That's actually why; I would hate to find out a friend began avoiding me or respected me less for my non-belief. For theists, belief shapes a person, while as an atheist, I know that that is not always the case).

Anyway, check out Gretchen's blog post. I dare you to try not to be inspired!


  1. Thanks for sharing Katie! - sad commentary on my reading comprehension right now that I initially read what you wrote as "a man" rather than "an mom" and had no idea you were talking about me until you mentioned my name :)

    1. Haha.. I did write "an mom." Oh dear. I think I had originally written, "an atheist mom who recently came out as an atheist" and felt it belonged in the department of redundancy department, so I erased "atheist" and left the "an."

  2. That was a good one. Thanks for sharing it.