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13 January, 2013

Another Bus Gang Rape In India

So that I'm not accused of not caring, and even though it's not the topic of this blog, I'd like to mention that there is another rape case in India involving a bus gang.

A woman, the only passenger on a bus, began pleading and crying at the bus driver when he didn't pull over to drop her off at her village. (So much for Asaram Bapu's inane and cruel remark that the victim who died wouldn't have been hurt had she pleaded with the men). She was driven to an abandoned building where she was raped by five more men.

This is terrible, but it is finally spotlighting the culture of oppression prevalent in this very religious country. For years, I've been reading about secret marriages of girls as young as nine to grown, middle-aged men to "protect" them from rape. A married woman is less likely to be attacked, they say, and many of the men promise not to consumate until the girl is old enough, but what "old enough" means and how to enforce that someone keep their "promise" aren't clear. I'm hopeful the recent protests and outrage with mark the beginning of a change for India.

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