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10 January, 2013

Why Even Bother?

To be fair to Jason Thibeault, he was calm and reasoned. His comments section wasn't surprising, though. My last comment is suddenly awaiting moderation, whereas the previous two hadn't needed it. I don't know what I said in the previous comment to warrant that, but if any of you can point it out to me, that'd be great. Here's how it went. I'll try and reconstruct what my last comment said. I didn't think to copy/pasta it because my other ones went off without a hitch. Whether this was planned on Jason's part or not, I can't say. I hope not.

Edit: I realized after posting I hadn't included a recap of the comment that is awaiting moderation.  I'm really not motivated to do so. The whole thing, from the hubris to the tribalism, just disgusts me. Like Anthony K calling me a liar and saying I'm strawmanning and doing exactly that in each of his comments. *sigh* I don't have it in me.

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