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13 January, 2013

A Conversation.

I stumbled upon an interesting post about a conversation a man had with a co-worker over a car magnet. The co-worker had never met an atheist before (or hadn't been aware he had) and had a question about morality. I chose to write about it, because before the online skeptic community started being bogged down over who was feminist enough to join the movement, the biggest rift was about "accommodationism vs. confrontationism." I'd like to return to those days, so here it is.

Some people thought theists should be ridiculed and criticized harshly for their beliefs and others felt that civil debate and interfaith efforts would increase exposure of atheists and maybe get theists to concede ground. Perhaps, just maybe, a theist would begin looking deeper into the question of faith. I think the article is a great example of that "accommodationist" way of planting a small seed in the mind of someone who had never even been  exposed to atheism. I know for me, it was a tiny seed that grew over two years before I realized I no longer believed in god. I don't know a whole lot of people who came to that conclusion overnight.

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