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06 January, 2013

Day 2

Second round of tweets to @Million_Gods, who seems to think that the problems that Taslima has faced gives her a pass to make such a bold claim about half of the Earth's population without any evidence.

She didn't even know before yesterday that men can be victims of rape and she's an MD. That is just sad. @Million_Gods is trying to paint my criticism of Taslima's claim as somehow diminishing the problems of rape in India, or any number of women's issues across the globe. Women are brutalized, therefore I have no ground to criticize Taslima's blatent bigotry toward men.

Does anyone else remember a certain famous author catching shit for a little response to an elevator incident titled, "Dear Muslima?" Remember how up in arms people got that said author was pointing out the massive oppression of women in that culture to contrast it with the somewhat irksome, awkward way some western males ask women for coffee? This situation is now pretty much reversed (except Dawkins had a point, and I'm actually addressing bigotry toward the male sex).

This FtBer, an obvious nOob, is dipping into the fallacies, poor arguments, anecdotal evidence and strawman tactics so prevalent in that network. Keep it comin,' yungin. I'm no longer even arguing with you to change your mind, but simply to show your poor tactics and bad arguments. Peace!

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