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13 January, 2013

More From the Lousy Canuck Post, Promise It's theLast

Users stacy, setar, sassafras and anthony k weren't even worth responding to, as they continue to make claims about harassment without A) providing evidence of said harassment and tying it to the Slymepit or B) addressing the fact that non-harassers are dismissed and blocked before their arguments are addressed. I'm not going to go round and round in a circle with theist-like dogma while they repeat the same old, tired bullshit.

Oolon responded to me, and I responded back. I had lurked the Slymepit a bit, but became more active in it after s/he flounced. Here's the exchange:

 Stephanie Zvan responded to my example of Ryan Long by saying something about his "longer than elevatorgate" history, and I almost replied that Ryan Grant Long has concentrated his education on gender studies and could teach Zvan a few things, but I decided against it. Seriously, I don't even want to engage such a vile, mean human being. Her attacks on people, her defense of Greg Laden, etc. She doesn't deserve to be recognized.

The next exchange was with kaboobie (not a sexist name?) and went thus: 

Everything after was from the named users who brought nothing new to the table. SSDD, as you all know.

This concludes the saga of my adventure in FtB land. I must say I was surprised I wasn't blocked. Whether this is due to the Canuck's less narrow interpretation of the comment policy or a calculated response to try and discredit my claim about being blocked on FtB sites, I can't say. Nevertheless, I'm not blocked.

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  1. I'd bet that if Kaboobie weren't on their side, they'd call him a "misogynist" and "vile human being" solely based on his username! That kind of hypocrisy isn't unusual for FtB.