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09 January, 2013

This is the kind of stupid that FtB hires to blog for them?

A response from Avicenna in the comments of my post describing the twitter exchange I had with FtBlogger, Avicenna (@Million_Gods on twitter) has inspired me to go ahead and write a post to address his rapid fire, red-herring questions. With the amount of fallacious reasoning and personal attacks against my character, I have to say something.

I'm not expecting a response from him and any question I pose in my response here will be rhetorical. After this post, I'll try to just ignore him because he's really not worth the time.

If it [the gang rape in India] disgusts you so much then why have you been silent about it? 

First, I haven't been silent about it. You don't know me, who I am, or what I do. You don't know my friends, aren't with me at my home and you only have a fraction of the social networking sites I use available to you. I haven't been silent about it, believe me.

Also, that's not the focus of this blog. I follow a cactus blog because I'm a big fan of raising succulents. That particular blog never posted a thing about the rape in India. You wouldn't ask them why they've been "silent" about it and accuse them of not being disgusted by it.

This is also a sporadically-updated, amateur blog, is not my livelihood and is not a news site. Were you expecting Huffpo? Are you saying I should be blogging more about current events? Get real, bro.

Why haven't you spoke out about it or indeed even about the MRA's around you who support AVfM who came out and claimed men have it worse in India. 
Again, not the subject of this blog. I dislike radical MRA's as much as I dislike radical feminists, but it's only the radical feminists that are trying to drum people out of the atheist/skeptic community who disagree with their radfem ideology.

Secondly, I don't read AVfM. Why should I answer for what they write?

Third, I have a lot of friends with a lot of different views. I have utlra-conservative friends who think that they should be able to buy fully-automatic weapons, whereas I'm all for gun control. If you judge me by the people who join the same forums or subreddits I do, than you are opening yourself up to the same, and you have some shitty, mean, spiteful, angry people blogging on your side, let me tell you.

Last on this topic, I'm going to turn your fallacy around on you, just to show you exactly why your question here is stupid and pointless and nothing more than an ad hominem. New Year's Eve in Old Sacramento, a man I knew personally named Dan Ferrier was trying to break up a bar fight. He was shot and killed. He was selfless to his friends and his community and the creep that shot him deserves more than the law can give him for what he did. Why, Avicenna, haven't you said a word about it? Do you not care about gun violence? Are you an apologist for shooters?

See what I did there? I would be wrong to ask you those questions. I would also be wrong to make a general statement about all men based on the actions of the person who shot Dan. That was the issue I had with Taslima's blog post. Your derailment with red-herrings is just that ridiculous. I hope you can see that now. If not -- well, I don't give a shit either way if you can or not.
Why aren't you slamming the Slymepit for hosting Raep who has repeatedly shown support for AVfM? Why haven't you taken on the people who belong to a group of people who support the claim that Indian Men Have It Worse despite ALL evidence to the contrary.

I bet Reap can answer for himself about that, first of all. Second of all, the Slymepit is a free speech environment. People argue there all the time. It's a very public forum where people exchange ideas. "Hosting" Reap? Reap is a regular poster on that forum. That's the nature of forums. As far as the claim that Indian Men Have It Worse, I don't even think that's a claim worth addressing. If I addressed every ridiculous thing anyone said, I wouldn't have time for anything else. I won't address the people who claim Indian Men Have It Worse, but I'm also not going out of my way to address the people who claim that The South Will Rise Again and The White Man Will Rule Once More.

Oh and if you do your homework and the teacher tells off the class as a whole for not, you know for a fact that she isn't talking about you. Kids understand this. Apply this logic to any statement that you think is sweeping but isn't true about you or the men/dogs/oddly shaped potatoes that you know. Otherwise you are no better than the people at A+. Use your brains. It's what separates us from the potato.

Taslima wasn't addressing a class. She was blogging, sharing her opinion about "MEN EVERYWHERE." If said teacher was talking to her class and said, "Kids everywhere never do their homework correctly," you would assume she was talking about every kid, including you. Kids understand this. But more importantly, so do Linguists. I asked one, who said:

If that is not what she meant, then that is her mistake and she should clarify. She has not. 

Use your own brain. You just got pwnd. 


  1. This blog is so great... and way more organized than my posts on stuff. Haha.

    And ugh, I see they keep trying to make sure their precious queen doesn't look sexist. She was talking about men in general, everywhere. It's sexism. Just like talking about black people everywhere is racism. Someone better not DARE come out with "well, the black people that don't do what they're saying are clearly out." The author still thinks badly of black people in general, which is unfair, disgusting, and racist, point blank. It doesn't have to be a 100% sure accusation.

    "kids everywhere never do their homework correctly" is exactly what happened. Even if the teacher, if asked, could say "well, I'm sure I can't be 100% right" she's still addressing her dislike of kids' habits in general. She would look at a kid and assume they are someone who doesn't do their homework, even if she knows "exceptions" do. And she's wrong. Plenty of people do their homework.

    Taslima is androphobic, simple as that.

    "If it [the gang rape in India] disgusts you so much then why have you been silent about it?"

    They won't hesitate to randomly pull stuff out of their butt. It's like saying, "Why don't you take baths?" An insinuation that came completely out of the air.

    And, I would laugh my ass off if one of them started talking to me about AVFM... "Hey, these people you don't even associate with are saying this and that. What do you have to say for yourself?" L O L. These people are so stupid.

    1. Thanks! This whole thing really got me riled up, but that's their tactic, isn't it? Completely derails the conversation. If they weren't rallying atheist and freethought organizations to bar people and speakers from events, I'd say don't even engage, but they do and they must be stopped.

      Also, I'm blogging now at www.westcoastatheist.wordpress.com now. All my posts have been ported there is you'd like to comment there.