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28 January, 2013

Aratina Cage

Tweeting around, I ran into a conversation between someone I follow and Aratina Cage. Quick glance at his/her twitter and my ears started ringing.


As you all know, I've been trying to get in contact with Twitter about whether or not organized blocking and reporting of twitter accounts who have never even tweeted the reporters is a violation of the Terms of Service. Here we have Aratina claiming that I'm somehow violating "Freezepeach" (their derogatory term for 'free speech,' which they seem to think is a terrible idea) by trying to get to the bottom of this.

If it's a violation of the TOS, twitter should be telling this person. If it's not, give the stupid ass a taste of his own medicine and see how she likes it. The free speech forum of twitter is still bound by Terms of Service because it is a private entity. (For more clarity on my own feelings about free speech on the internet, I present to you a video by c0nc0rdance that closely mirrors my own views).

Another tweeter noticed my picture is one that shows up on the 'Pit (and they say we're stalking them). Aratina tweeted back:

"...women are bitches, etc." I challenged Aratina Cage to show any evidence that I've ever said that. I called Rebecca Watson a bitch, not all women. She called me a twit. Would Aratina extend Watson's insult to mean all women, since I'm a woman? Of course not, but these bullies don't care about things like consistency and honesty.

I will own up to everything I've written about the issue, everything I've done and I've even tried to clean things up with Watson herself who chose to ignore me rather than take an opportunity to show some grown-up behavior. I will not, however, allow this piece of shit Aratina to put words in my mouth. Anyway, if you're not part of the #blocksaturday campaign, I suggest civilly and respectfully challenging Aratina on his/her tactics. If it gets you in twitter jail, then there's more evidence that this asshole is trying to suspend accounts on twitter.


  1. Don't expect any of these types to rise to a challenge for evidence or even debate. The tactics they operate with come straight out of fundamentalist creationist advocacy.

    The very fact that so-called skeptics and atheists who follow the FTB/A+ and Skepchick circles now use Twitter blockings, DMCA abuse and doxxing attempts (by people like Watson, Greg Laden and some of Ophelia Benson's commenters) as silencing tactics is very reminiscent of the activity of people like VenomFang X on YouTube during the height of his popularity.

  2. I was becoming an atheist right around the time of the VenomFang X BS on youtube. Their needing to silence critics was evidence of their own lack of integrity and the frailty of their arguments. I couldn't imagine that someone in the skeptical community would need to revert to those save tactics and not be introspective enough to see that might say something about their own positions.

  3. Aratina celebrates the "femidarity" shown by she/he/its fellow self proclaimed pseudo feminists.

  4. Spread the WORD


    they did not survive Armageddon...

    2 Kings 19


    "That night the angel of the Lord went out and put to death a hundred and eighty-five thousand in the Assyrian camp. When the people got up the next morning—there were all the dead bodies!"


    i want to go HOME...

    i don't want to deal with all these little atheist f*ckers anymore....

    Atheism will NO LONGER EXIST after we finish...

  5. YES... totally sums it up. Whenever a woman is called something, it's all about them being a woman; having a vagina. Unless, of course, it's us. Then it's not about calling women pieces of shit, twits, and other uncalled for insults (although twit is a rather light insult, haha. Way less malicious than their usual.)

    They think in sexes so damn much, part of a symptom of being a Sexist Person. I've had people in my twitter feed making points that rely on me being a man lately. Even when it makes more sense to assume I'm a woman, they just assume I'm a man and tweet at me emphasizing that I'm one. Lol.