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04 January, 2013

Avicenna (@Million_Gods), a sexist who assumes I can't fight my own fights.

Men deserve to be called rapists.

My addressing Taslima's bigoted remarks is "derailing" the conversation about rape. Because occurrence of the latter means that the former shouldn't be addressed.

At which time I finally allow the source of my anger to show, (the fact that my awesome, wonderful, gentle, intelligent husband should be lumped into Taslima's fantasy world of rapists) and I then do the twitter equivalent of taking out my earrings, after which this twip assumes I'm threatening to send my husband to him. No, bitch. I was talking about me. Of course, you assumed I meant my husband! Why would a fragile snowflake woman, shuddering in a scary, rapist world actually say something violent? Can't happen, right?

Fuck off, FtBer. You're a worthless human being if you honestly have that much self-hatred.

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